Friday, May 25, 2012

kennedy shananigans

oh the update.  the supposed to be weekly update that has been neglected.  so here it is.

Janessa: doing so much better with her school work.  She wrote a report on Crocodiles and I must say I was very impressed.  Not much needed to be corrected with it and it flowed nicely.  She makes me proud.  Very independent and content with life

Abby:  doing great.  she is my social butterfly and is never home.  She is constantly playing with friends.  Friends I love.  I am forever grateful for her good judgement in who she hangs out with.

Hannah:  sleepover with two friends tonight.  popcorn, movies, and ice-cream cones cakes.  fun stuff.

Not much to update with them.  we all have end of year itis and want the school year to be done.

Charlotte:  this is where the most updates happen because she is constantly doing new things.  At eighteen months she is talking immensely.  Her newest saying is "i did that"  to whatever she did. good or bad.  throws her food off the tray 'i did dat", puts her shoe on " I did dat", turns the channel on the TV "i did dat"  She also likes to inform us that anything yucky is gross or as she pronounces it "grow"  because she cant do the s yet.  especially her diapers.  and then will say stinky and wave her hand in front of her face.  She told me yesterday when she did a stinky in her diaper by saying gross, waving her hand and "i did dat"    She is constantly cracking me up.

Doug:  chugging along.  has been dealing with some viral strep infection type thing.  not fun.  doing good otherwise.

ME:  taking the final exam for Medical coding I today and then will be moving on to Medical Coding II.  then there is one more class after on Career exploration but that will be like a vacation compared to this nonsense I have been taking.  i am now registered and will be a student at Central Texas College.  I take the placement test Tuesday to see what English and math classes I am taking.  English will be fine.  Math will be disastrous.  I have not done algebra for years so I know I will need to take a remedial math class first.  I am OK with it.  I got the grant and will have everything paid for including books.  I will be taking four classes.  It will take me about 2.5 years to be done.  Fine with me.  I love that everything will be online.  I will be very anti-social come August during the week.   I also sprained my toe.  I kicked a cement block three days ago on accident but it is doing much better.  (I wish I could say I was doing awesome ninja moves instead.)  I learned that most sprains happen with the big toe but I am not most people and sprained the toe next to my pinky.  of course this is not an official doctor diagnosis, just going by past experience. I have been depressed I have not been able to run the past couple days because having shoes on hurt.  Today it looks better and  I may attempt putting my sneakers on and hitting the pavement.  Not running for a couple days has made me not be in the best mood.  I don't like being cranky from lack of running and neither does anybody else around me.

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