Saturday, May 12, 2012

the little things

I am taking more time to be thankful for the little things.  The things that I normally take for granted.  I will also do my update for our family tomorrow.

I am thankful for when my baby just randomly comes up and hugs me for no reason.  she just squeezes my .  All my kids do this and it catches me off guard.

we get to see animals here that I have never seen before or have seen but not on a regular basis living in Florida.

Hannah feeding the geese

these are the pair of geese I will often see while I run in the morning.  Sometimes there is only one and he or she is usually calling for its mate.  This particular late afternoon they were right outside my backyard.  I adore them.  I also saw a redheaded woodpecker the other day.  

I am grateful for older children sleepovers.  They are getting at the age where they can be respectful to others sleeping in the house and trustworthy enough that I don't have to wonder what my house will look like when I wake up.  I can't guarantee they will be in good moods today because I have no clue how late they were up.   Three of them fell asleep on the couch and  were there with TV on from a movie when I got up at 6:30.

I am thankful for coffee and time to just sit on my porch and enjoy it. 

I am thankful for the plethora of books I get to read and yarn  I get to create into things.  The latest are these

ribbon pins.  

A lady ordered good number these in this color for her club.  

I am thankful when I ask for wisdom and discernment God gives it to me.  

I am thankful for the pet cats.  They at times make me crazy but I adore them.  I have officially declared myself as a cat person. ( I say this as a throw a paper towel roll at my cat for being on the dining room table trying to steal a pancake)

I am thankful I can go running whenever I feel like because I have a husband and children who are willing to care for the baby so I can.

I am thankful for bananas and oranges that make wonderful smoothies when mixed together

I am thankful for cute adorable picture opportunities like this one:

She loves books almost as much as me...maybe more

I am grateful for the friends and church family we have here that make me at this point comfortable enough to call Georgia my home as well.  I have come to the place that if God wanted us to stay here for many more years I would be ok with it.   Basically Florida and here are where I call home.

I am grateful for a husband and children that just bring my heart joy.  I am truly blessed and love my life.

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