Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday child

so somehow unbelieveably this child:

Hannah Grace Kennedy

turned nine today.  This child was not planned.  This child was a "we can make it two more months without birth control"  Instead God said "My plan is better."  I, of course, stared at the pregnancy test saying "please say no, please say no.  followed by dang it."   to which I called my husband and said sit down and told him.  All he could do for the next half hour was say to our dear friends Kenny and Vicky, "Tory is pregnant."  The thing is; I still had a baby at home, a 13 month old and a two year old.  However, after the shock wore off we were ecstatic.

This child made me crave a food I loathed, tomatoes and had to have them a lot.  I now love them almost as much as I love her.

She is my funny one.  She is the type of personality I wish I had more of.  So laid back.  So caring.  So full of life.  Everything she does brings her joy.  She forgives the way we all should.  She never brings up old things that were done wrong to her and will leave it in the past where it belongs.

She is my only child that does not know what an elementary classroom is like or what homework is.

She is my child that needs to know the whys to everything and the what ifs to every single scenario of life.  She is shy and quiet until she is comfortable with you and then if she is alone without her sisters will talk non stop.  She is confident and strong.  She can not be pushed around.  She loves life.

She is Hannah Grace, but not graceful.  She is the only child I know who can fall out of chairs at random times and jump up and say "I am OK."   She hates writing but is good at it.  Her imagination is incredible.

She is the only child I know that has a best friend from when she was a baby.  Their connection is unique and like none I have ever seen.  They would call for each other at the church nursery as soon as we entered the building.  They were inseparable until we moved and when we visit I never see her because she practically moves in with her family.

Hannah and Trinity at two

She has brought us such joy.  Such laughter.  I can't imagine a day without her.  It also freaks me out that I know exactly what Charlotte will look like as I look at pictures.
Hannah on the day she got baptized

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Tara O said...

AWWW! Tell her happy birthday for me!! I know it's late...but tell her anyway.