Thursday, May 10, 2012

wisdom and discernment....and a test of patience

I am now able to rejoin the world and be social.  THE CLASS IS DONE!!  I also am seeing that as I see the grades posting I did pretty good.  I do not know how being after some, if not most, the teacher has put notes on what codes I should have also used or used instead and yes I still got the question correct.  This is all fine in a school setting but not so much in a work setting when one wrong code can cost thousands of dollars.  I may feel better when I am done with this class I just started being there are computer simulations of coding and with the software I may, just may feel better about it.

I have also decided provided I can get the grants, I will pursue my AA next.  I feel I am in a place now I can do it and it will be a good accomplishment and can do it online as well.  I will only do it if through the Pell Grant.  I will NOT take out a student loan.   So with approval, I will know if that is God's plan.

As far as patience is concerned, it got tested tremendously.  Being committed to being in control of my emotions  with the children.  As I was running on Wednesday, I boldly prayed that I would be granted patience and be able to extend grace to the children.  The battle was on after that.  It has been said and I have heard "don't pray for patience.  IF you do then opportunities will present themselves to test that."   Well they were.  One of the children decided to test it and test it very very hard core.  However, I remained calm and was firm when needed.  There were consequences given and I stuck to them.  I can  say I won that battle and now that child today came to the realization that I am doing things differently and no matter what will not go back to old habits.  This is the true definition of repentance.

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