Monday, May 14, 2012

this and that

I have not much excitement going on.  My Mother's Day was uneventful.  Well,sort of.  I spent the day in bed. Why?  Because I scratched my cornea taking my contacts out Saturday night.  TO ALL READING THIS: Yes, I take them out nightly.  I have done this before and the pain is always the same.  Excruciating.  I got to sleep a lot.  I got to do nothing which was my plan from the get go. It just would have been nice to not look like  I was crying constantly and having to shut my eye if I had it open for longer than five minutes and not be like a vampire screaming "It burns it burns" when stepping outside.  All is healed now.  I did get a nice present from the children.  Best Mother's Day present ever, seriously, it is my favorite by far.

flower pots with real flowers from the elder girls

I got an A in  my evil Medical coding class.  GO ME!!  Now just to finish up this current one and finish up our last month of official school for the girls.  June 11th is the last day for over two months.  Of course, the two older ones have language arts and math they need to finish but that takes no structure and plans from me.  I am so looking forward to a summer break.  Something we have never done and will see how it goes this year.  We will not be using the pool on post this year because the people that run it decided to raise the price to 120.00 for a family pass for one pool, five days a week.  We would not use that much for it to be worth it.  WE will make some trips to the beach and use friends pools instead.  I foresee them lowering the price for next year.  I can't imagine too many people paying that.

Here is what my baby decided to do today with her diapers and herself:

taken out of the changing table and lined up across the floor

packing herself and a couple diapers in a box

Apparently, she wants to go with Daddy to the field and also with there being a seven year age span between her and Hannah she has taken on first born type A tendencies by lining her diapers up in perfect lines across the floor.  whatever entertains her so I can make dinner.....and can make me laugh when the husband is getting ready to go to the field and his army closet has basically thrown up into my front room

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