Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kennedy family weekly shaningans update

So I have decided to do a weekly update on what is going on in our household since most I keep up with think we disappeared since I am not on Facebook.   I plan to do this every Friday.  However, yesterday was crazy so it did not happen

let's start with the children:  We are in our last month of school.  I have decided to not open the new curriculum because we will be taking almost three months off and it will be pointless to try and pick up where we left off.   They are progressing well but there will be some summer finishing of math and language arts books if they don't finish them.  yup, the older two may have summer school.  consequence of procrastinating and not doing it the way they should.  We will enjoy field trips, vacations, exploring parks, and swimming

Janessa:  not much for excitement.  She is in that " I will be thirteen soon."  mode.  yikes.  She has finished up Awana this week and around here will be graduated from the program.  She will help out next year.  We also have discovered that she has been overplaying the "I have ADHD card" and discipline comes from Daddy now.  Amazing how efficient and correct her work gets done when "the principal: gets involved.  (WE have officially named Daddy as principal of the home school academy.  She played soccer and did well.  their team came in first place. NO sports for the summer but come Fall will play soccer again. She is growing like a weed and may soon be taller than me .  I am 5'5" but tall runs on both sides.  we also will dress her in burkas for the pool. ( or Daddy will just clean his shotgun, whichever is more effective)

Abby:  Finished up gymnastics.  We have had to make the decision to stop that for various reasons.  She will play soccer in the Fall as well or another sport like volleyball.  I will see what she is interested in.   Her Achalasia is under control provided she is gluten free completely.  She cheats, she suffers the consequence of throwing up from esophageal spasms.  She also is done with Awana for the year.  She is doing great in her school work.  She is often asked to help her friend with her math which makes Abby feel very smart (This also helps my confidence as her teacher)  She runs a side business of walking dogs. She does it for fun but people give her money for it.

Hannah:  she played soccer for the first time this season and finished that up.  Her team came in second.  She did well.  Slightly afraid the ball will hit her in the face due to that happening the first game but towards the end got more aggressive.  Soccer is on the agenda for Fall.  She is also done for Awana for the year.  She is eagerly looking forward to her birthday in a few weeks and reminds me everyday how many days until it is.  She has a pet guinea pig and loves to play outside with her friends.

Charlotte:  Learning how to express herself very well.  Will actually say no if she does not want something, in her cute way.  She also will say no in a mean way if she does want to share her toys.  She loves bubbles and jumping.   She also loves to be outside and yell at all the dogs.  She is getting a couple new teeth which is cause for some extra crankiness but not so bad.  She loves books.  She will pretend to read and  also loves to be read to.  Currently, "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom"  is her favorite. She does sign language for a few words but also says the word.  She says all her sisters names  Janessa: "duh duh"  Abby "babby" Hannah "naanuh"  She also is very expressive with the words cup and  cheese cup is said very loud and pronounces "COP" very long and  drawn out.  cheese is said very loud as well with squinting her eyes.  She also is starting to let me know when she needs a diaper change by saying "googy" I do not know exactly what that word is.  I ti s not yucky because she "ucky" for that.  she does not like her hands to be dirty.  She loves Elmo or as she says "melmo"  She still takes two naps a day

Doug and I: doing well.  busy with our crazy lives.  His work schedule is crazy.  Army life.  He also has a bible study and AA meetings he attends regularly.   He has a boat and takes it out often to go fishing.  He is content.  I am meeting with my Alanon sponsor weekly and  will be attending Alanon meetings.  they are sporadic here.  I am finishing up my current class and will be moving into my final one.  (praise Jesus)   I am getting to attend bible study finally because there are no sports games to go to and it is on Saturday mornings.  I have crochet projects I am working on.  I am still running, now five days a week.  WE had a date last night to see the Avengers but it was sold out.  We live in a small town that has one movie theatre unless you want to drive to the drive in about a half hour away to Savannah which is about an hour.  WE came home and watched a movie on TV.  Well he did, I fell asleep.  We will probably after our Coldstone Creamery date tomorrow at some point.

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