Friday, November 11, 2011

day 10 and 11 of 30 days of Thanksgiving

I missed yesterday.  It was crochet and cleaning craziness.   SO here is what I meant to post yesterday and then following is today:

Day 10:  I am thankful for answered prayers that come out of no where.  Abby is in gymnastics.  She is naturally talented and taught herself cartwheels and such.   In proper form, mind you.  We could not let this natural ability go wasted.  This also means the further you go, the more expensive it gets.  She is on competitive team.  This means training two days a week for a pricey monthly amount.  This also means uniforms, dues, meet fees, etc.   SO we were thinking this would not be happening anymore due to the financial strain it was putting us in.  It was heartbreaking.  There were lots of tears.  Then there was the answered prayer sitting in my garage.  We got some gymnastics mats.  Professional ones they use in the gyms.  They get used here but she does not need all of them.   We asked if we could trade the mats for tuition for a couple months.  We get approved for FOUR MONTHS.  Which is exactly the time we need until the tax return comes and we could be able to afford to put her back in. Yup, God is cool like that.  He also likes to make things happen for us very last second.   SO when we are about to give up, HE comes in and makes it happen.

Day 11:  Veteran's Day.  I am thankful to all that serve.  especially my husband.  I am thankful for the sacrifice made and that has been made so we have the freedoms we have.  It is because I can freely blog, I can read whatever books I want,  I can proudly say 'I follow Jesus, read my bible, and go to church" without fear of death.  I am thankful I can wear the clothes I want, that I can vote, that I can drive, that I got to choose who I could marry.  I am thankful that as a woman in America I am not treated as less than a man.  I am thankful I can take a vacation where ever I feel like all over the world.  I am thankful for the opportunities this country has and  that even if we were homeless and without a steady income I most likely will get to eat everyday, somewhere.   So I am grateful.  I am grateful for the men and women who go out there everyday and don;'t even think twice about themselves but what the mission is to accomplish and if that means their life ends that day, then so be it.  

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