Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 17

Today I am thankful for when my girls want to spend time with me and I stop what I am doing to do so.  I a lot of times, say I can't or after I do this.  I want to be more concentrated on putting whatever I am doing to the side and just spend time with them.  Sometimes saying later is necessary but a lot of the times I am, it is just out of my selfishness.  I only have a few more years left with them and I need to grab every opportunity and hold tight on to it to create great memories and bonds now.  These teenage years are coming as well..  I don't expect them to be to bad.  Some bumps along the way but I am holding fast to God protecting my girls and the respect they have for us for them to not become "typical stereotypical teenage girls"  I know crazy.  We do this crazy concept of being on the overprotective side and dare I say it, discipline. WE stick to consequences when they disobey.  We discipline what seems like little things now so we won't have huge things later.  We don't back down when tired or it would be easier to just give in.  There are days when they break my heart and rip it out of my chest and stomp it with words they say or looks they give me or disobey what has been asked.  There are days they don't like me or the rules we have.  There are days they don't understand why my no has to be the only answer they get because they are not ready for a full explanation.  there are friendships we have cut off because they are not a good influence and will drag my children down a path I don't want them on.  (Thanks mom for doing that with me.  Which I can only say now that I have children of my own because I now get it.) We played hangman last night and the phrases the younger two thought of had to do with me being the best. It melted my heart.  I also should blow it up and frame it for the next time I tell them no and they roll their eyes at me.

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