Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 11 of 30 days of Thanksgiving

I always wait to see what God puts on my heart to be thankful for.  Today there was nothing specific.  he just reminded me that I am blessed.  I am thankful for the blessings I have today.  I am blessed with a hard working husband who knows my hearts desire is to stay home with the beautiful girls.  I am blessed with a 4 bedroom house that while my husband is a soldier I never have to worry about having a place to live.  I am blessed with friends here and in far away places who in just the right moment can make me smile.  Here is an example:
from Barb because she loves me
I am blessed with children who are obedient and a joy to be around. (Ye,s there are times when they make me crazy but that comes with living with different personalities.  That is what babysitters and play dates were invented for.)     I am blessed with a great church that is not afraid to preach the truth of the bible and has great worship.  I am blessed with a relationship with Jesus that knocks my socks off on a daily basis.  I am just thankful for the life I live and the opportunities I have that I never thought were possible.  I am thankful for every trial that I now know was a blessing because it molded me into I am and will continue to mold me into become more like Christ even when the process at the moment may hurt.  I would not change any of it.  My life in general is just something I am truly thankful for every single day.

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