Saturday, November 19, 2011

day 15 of 30 days

Yup I am behind...AGAIN.  I am too busy these days.  If I don't do this first thing, then it wont get done.  Life gets crazy.  So I am thankful for a friend who lent me their carpet shampooer and thankful that I had the speed of the Road Runner in scrubbing my floors today.  the carpets were in desperate need of it.  somehow, (it is undetermined at this moment, but, we think it is the invisible child "ididntdoit") chalk paint got put all over the carpet in a child's room and tracked down the hall down the stairs.  thankfully it mostly came out but some stains are left.  I have resided we will replace the carpets in that room anyway.  I also am thankful I was able to scrub the floors so I can concentrate on thanksgiving menu items and getting things prepped for my favorite day of the year.  It is my absolute favorite holiday.  I adore it more than Christmas.   I have things I love about Christmas but I what I love about Thanksgiving is the focus is family and being thankful.  Not who got what presents and the stress of who gets presents, who doesn't, how much gets spent, trying not to feel guilty when you can't do what you want for others because of the commercialism of it all.  that is a blog for another day and will come after Thanksgiving.

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